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Buying a gun safe is perfect for both you and your loved ones. You would want to protect your guns from damage and also restrict unauthorized people from getting access to them. However, you may not know how to choose the best gun safe if you have never owned one before. You can start with a fireproof liberty safe as you should always try to protect your guns from a fire.


Now that you have narrowed down you gun safe alternatives, the next step is deciding the size of the safe that you need. Your gun safe should have the capacity to store your guns and your ammunition. It should also be big enough for any gun purchases that you may make in the future. Small-sized safes are easy to steal. Particular safes are made for some specific kinds of guns with different sizes and shelves.


Make a decision on the level of security that you require. This determines the type of lock that you will buy. You would want to protect your gun from thieves or burglars or those that cannot use them. There are several types of locking mechanisms such as biometric, digital, mechanical or fingerprint-recognition. A few of the locking mechanisms may have an anti-tamper system which does not allow the entry of wrong passwords after some attempts. Ensure that your safe is not easy to break into. At the very basic level, a good gun safe will restrict access to people who are inexperienced with guns like your children. 


You should also see to it that the gun safes has been tested by the Underwriter Laboratory and that it has a certificate.


The more costly fireproof safes will have better fire protection. Fireproof safes come with fireproof ratings, and those that have higher ratings will protect your guns from fire hazards. You may want to think about purchasing fire-retardant gun sleeves to protect them more.


If you are worried about the protection of your guns, you should consider buying a high-quality safe. It is a great idea to purchase a safe that is made of solid steel. You may also want to consider other features for your safe. Think about your home and its location. You might need a safe that is waterproof or one with a higher burglar rating. Burglar ratings are in minutes or hours and give an idea of the length of time it would take for someone with lock picking skills to break in with the local locksmith tools. A higher rating shows that the lock is more complicated to break into.


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